Seeds (Entry Level)

The Seeds course is a beginner class suited for children aged 4.5 to 6 years old. In this class, students learn the essential elements of painting.

Sprouts (Mid Level)

The Sprouts course is suitable for children from the 1st to the 3rd grade. The course introduces the basic artistic elements: color, lines, shapes, perspectives, space, and light sources. The goal of this course is to promote creativity and imagination.


The Advanced class includes students from 3rd grade and above, including adults. Students work on professional paintings under Mrs. Zhou’s guidance.

Chinese Painting

Chinese Painting class teaches traditional painting skills and techniques. Not only are the students’ paintings, but Mrs. Zhou also exposes the students to Chinese culture.


Students from the Sketch class learn the necessary skills of black and white sketches. They also incorporate colors into their drawings.  

Water Color

The Watercolor course is fitting for children who are over 7 years old and adults. Mrs. Zhou teaches the introductory techniques of watercolor painting. Mrs. Zhou accommodates her students based on their individual drawing performance.


The Cartoon class is recommended best for teenagers who are interested in creating cartoons. Based on the ability of each student, Mrs. Zhou designs the teaching according to his or her situation.

Lego Class

The Lego class is designed to foster students’ creative thinking and hands-on ability. 101 Art Studio’s curriculum is different from traditional brush creation by encouraging students to express and realize art through building blocks.